Thursday, September 4, 2008

Falling a bit behind...

So I've been falling off the blogging wagon recently, which I guess is somewhat good because it means I've been training and working more and more. At this point in my training, I'm completely beat down. It's been a real hard three weeks for me and my body is telling me to slow my role a bit. I do love feeling this way though, because it's a result of pushing my body to its limits, and there's something sexy about that.

As I've gotten a little older (and hopefully a little more responsible!), I've been interested in seeing just what I'm capable of. I think that's what attracts me so much to endurance sports. Even though there are times I hate the expierience, I find that the end result gets me as high as a kite. Sure this is mostly a result of all the endorphins, but that sense of accomplishment is really something!


Relationships are a wonderful thing. Even when they're going bad, which is CERTAINLY NOT the case with my present relationship, you can learn something from them. A good relationship is one in which both people benefit and learn from one another. I've learned so much from Kristen and so much from our relationship. I can honestly say that I've never felt closer to anyone...ever. I think we've grown so much together in the time since we've met. It's really crazy, but I love every second of it!

On the training front, everything is going well. I've been building and building my fitness each and every day for the last few weeks and things are really going well. As I said before, I do think now is a time to let up on the hammer a bit though. I'm starting to show the wear and tear in that I'm not quite recovering as quickly as I'd like from big efforts. I'll still feel ok the next day, but my legs just don't have that spring in them that I'd like. The process of training is unbelievable. In just three weeks of busting my ass, in a smart way, my body has reacted so well. I'm now capable of distances and speeds I couldn't even approach before...and the best part is, I'm still improving! The angst that I felt when I first signed up for the American Zofingin is slowly being replaced by a cool, calm confidence. I'm not saying I'm gonna win the thing, but if all goes well according to my training, I'll have a good race.

"Impossible is nothing"

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