Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Ok, so my purpose in starting this blog was to write about what's on my mind. On a daily basis, so much stuff passes through my cranium, it's nice to have a place to get it all down. Most times, I talk about the things I love: Kristen, Triathlon, my Family, etc. Today, well, here goes.....


I HATE elitism. It has to be one of my biggest pet peves. In any arena, it's just so freakin' annoying. Whether it's athletics, politics, academics, whatever, I just can't deal with it. Most often, in my line of work, it has to do with athletics and vanity.

Being a personal trainer and coach, as well as a competitive athlete myself, I see so many people putting one another down in some way or another throughout the day that it makes me want to vomit. I think in a lot of ways, the local triathletes on Long Island are huge culprits of this. So many times, I've seen people become excluded from a group or "team" because of their results in a local race, or the equipment they use. (To that douchebag on the PC3 in Mountauk, if you're better than me, why did I blow you're ass away on my Aluminum Felt with the training wheels on it? Can I borrow your pump now? Sorry, I had to get that one in.... :-) )

First of all, any of us who are successful in the local races are decent athletes. However, we're still big fish in a very tiny pond. Just because so-and-so came in first at the local duathlon/triathlon, gives them no right to knock down anyone else. As it is, I'm sure Mr. So-And-So would get his or her ass handed to them if they were even to train one day with a real pro. However, just because they are faster than the newbie, they feel entitled to ignore the newbie's existance, instead giving them a slight glance of disgust because they finished their first tri on an old rusty mountain bike.

I say, it takes more guts and testicular fortitude to toe the line knowing that at T1 you're going to blast away on your old Huffy. The first timers are what this great sport is all about. We're all lining up to embark on an adventure. Some of us may finish before others, but the essence in the sport lies in uncertainty.

"Can I do this?"
"What have I gotten myself into?"
"Am I going to die out here?"

These are all questions I'm certain we asked ourselves in our first race. The third one came to me 500 meters into the swim of my first race. But you know what? I finished the damned thing and I'm blogging about it right now. Sure I've gotten faster, fitter, and more successful in the sport, but the adventurous nature remains the same. Whom am I ever to discount anyone on their journey in this sport?

Basically, what I'm saying is this: We all need to remember where we came from. Not just in triathlon, or at the workplace, or even in relationships, but in everything we do. Not one of us is better than the other in any way, shape or form. Everyone needs to take a step back, enjoy life, and not be so concerned with those around them.

Go out, kick some ass, and smile while doing it! At some point, I guarantee, you're gonna be the one who's ass is getting kicked. Be just as gracious in losing as you are in winning, and you'll always be a champion.

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Ward said...

Nice rant.. I couldn't have said it better myself!