Monday, August 11, 2008

Rest Day or Laziness?

Today, like every weekday, started for me at 4;30am. I'm out the door by 5 and usually get to my first client at a quarter after. This seems early, but for this particular client I would get up at 3! Not only are he and his family the nicest people I've had the pleasure to work with in a while, but he just gets it done. He's easy goin' and doesn't complain. As a trainer, it's a total pleasure to work with such a trusting client. So after working with him and several other, equally as fun, clients, I was done for the day around 11:30. This is where the trouble began.

Yesterday I had a great long run and really put a dent in my fitness for the American Zofingen Duathlon in October. (I mean dent in a good way). Since signing up for the race, my training has been the most consistant it has been all year. To say I'm pumped for this race is an understatement. I really want to do well in this race but have backed myself into a training corner as I really need to put in some solid work for the next two months. Anyway, this is where my dilemma lies. I'm still a bit beat up from the run yesterday, as well as tired from sleeping only about 4 hours last night. I decided to make today a rest day. Logical right? Well, I feel lazy as hell. I can't sit still, and all I wanna do is get out for a run or a bike or just something. Maybe it's just that type A athlete coming out in me, but I feel like such a lazy ass today.

In the past I've always erred on the side of more rest is better than overtraining or even getting injured. I just feel so unsettled today. Overall, this is definately the best reason why I need to hire a coach and have them tell me what to do. Too bad I'm so poor.

Ok, just needed to get that off my chest. I'll go pay some bills and see if I don't feel better. Cheers!

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