Friday, August 22, 2008

Today, Kristen, Yesterday, and Tomorrow

Good day today...busy but good. I got a lot done work wise and explored some things I haven't done in a while. It's nice when days like this come along. They make you think about your life, the state of things, and all that stuff that usually gets knocked to the back of your mind when you're coasting through the week.

Kristen comes home in Sunday, so this weekend definately could not have come soon enough. It was interesting not being with her this week. It's good to know that I missed her so much. We don't live together, but nearly every bit of my free time is spent with her. I can honestly say that I felt a big piece missing when she was gone. I think a lot of times that when couples spend so much time together, they almost welcome time apart from each other. It's like a needed break from one another. I didn't feel that "break" feeling whatsoever. We have so much fun together that I really missed her from the moment she left and can't wait to see her Sunday!

Ok, enough with the mushy stuff. Yesterday was a good two hour spin on the bike. This week has been my biggest volume week of the summer (pretty sad considering I will barely break 20 hours of training for the week). Last year I spent much more time training-and less working too! With work getting busier, I really have had no choice to put my training on the back burner. However, working with my new "plan" and no longer making up workouts as I go, I feel better at this point than I did at the same time last year. Funny what a little planning will do.

Tomorrow will be the biggest day of the year. The day calls for a layered brick, consisting of 25 miles on the bike, followed by 5 miles running, three times. In other words, 25mi bike, 5mi run, 25mi bike, 5mi run, 25mi bike, 5 mi run. Both the bike and the run sessions will be done on hilly routes as to get us ready for the American Zofingin in October. I have to say that I'm a little nervous about this workout as I've always been a bit injury prone doing bricks like this. I'm gonna play it by ear and at least complete the first two rounds. If everything is holding up well, I'll go in for the kill on the third. Either way, it's gonna be a long morning. Wish me luck!

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