Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Good Training, Good Day, and One More Day Closer to seein' my girl...

Good day today. I was up early from a really good nights sleep, and felt ready to go the second my feet hit the floor (actually the crusty t-shirt on my laundry infested floor-but that's another story). I had some clients to see early and then it was out the door for bike session number one. This one was a thirty mile, 80% effort that went very well. From there it was on to more clients, teaching kickboxing (which turned into me blasting my core and working some good strength moves as well on the swiss ball-God I love that thing!), and going for a run with hill repeats with another client. We only did about 3 miles, but we had some gnarly repeats in there. After the last of my clients it was off to run some errands, get home, take the dog (Lucki-my favorite doggy in the world!) out for a poop, grab a quick shower, and head out for Bike Session Number two. This was an easy, hour and a half ride with some decent climbs, but no more than a percieved effort of about "man I wanna go a bit faster!". It's nice to have a ride like this to literally enjoy the scenery and smell the flowers. So often I find myself hammering like hell that I never actually get to see what a beautiful area I live in. After the ride, it was another shower, some good leftovers for dinner-thanks mom, and on to some more clients.

All in all a pretty damn productive day!

Now I'm off to bed, super early! Again, I figure the more I sleep and train, the faster it'll be until Kristen gets back! I think I've discovered the blueprint for a time machine...just sleep and kill yourself physically and time moves pretty fast....ok, cheesy I know, but work with me here!

Quote of the day:
"If you compete, there's a chance you may lose. But, if you never compete, you will always lose."
(Somebody said it way better than that, but you get the gist.)

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