Thursday, August 14, 2008

Age is but a number...

Today, while training one of my athletes at the Port Jefferson Highschool track, I had the good fortune to run into one of the most inspirational people I've ever met. Marie-Louise Michelsohn is the world record holder for the mile in the 66 year old category. I believe she also holds the record for the 5000m as well, but I'm not 100% certain. Looking up her profile, I see that she's put up some impressive numbers and has run sub 20 in the 5K on several occasions. She explained to me that she's only been running seriuosly for the past 13 years but just enjoys everything that it does for her, mentally as well as physically. I was very impressed with not only her speed, but also with her personality. It's not often that someone competing at such a high level is so personalble, but she came right over and spoke with me as if we were old friends. At a time when most people of the world are looking at the great Michael Phelps for inspiration, I'm looking to the 66 year old track star I met at the track today. Marie-Louise Michelsohn is my new hero!

For more info on Marie-Louise, you can read an article from the running times at

Also, she is competing this weekend in Washington, D.C. Go Marie-Louise

One more inspiration:
So after I met Marie-Louise, I finished with my athlete and went for my own training run. As I've mentioned before, I'm racing the American Zofingen this October so hill work is my best friend. After a nice hour in the hills, I returned to the track to do some strides. I returned to find my good buddy Joey Z flyin' around the track. I'd have to say that Joey, who has been on this great planet for almost 60 years, is a true badass in every sense of the word. I used to train Brazillian jiu jitsu with Joey and the dude would seriously HURT! I can't remember a time ever sparring with him where my face wasn't sore for at least a week after. He's just a total freak of nature...oh and I forgot to mention that he weighs about 150 lbs soaking wet! When we would train, I tipped the scales around 215.

Anyway, Joey and I talked for a bit, and after seeing me doing my strides, he decided to join me for a couple. Let me just say that the guy can move! He matched me, stride for stride, for a 100 meters! Let's see, me, 27 years old, Joey 60 years old...who would you put your money on?

All in all, today has got to go down as one for the Baby Boomers! Between Marie-Louise and Joey Z, I've been truly humbled. Keep up the good work!

Oh, and if you're ever in the Port Jefferson area, make sure to visit Joey at his restaurant, Z-Pita...great Greek and Italian cuisine!

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