Sunday, August 17, 2008

"You have a beautiful body, man."

These were the words I heard on my long run today from a driver as I ran shirtless on the road. I have to say that I was a little shaken by these words becuase it's not often, at least out here on Long Island, that you hear those words from another man. When I modeled and acted in Manhattan, now that's another story...

The interesting thing about this is the fact that, in our society, this man would automatically be seen as gay for having said such a thing. Unfortunately, this is the way things are. Now, I've never personally given another male such a compliment, but I definately don't think it's wrong to assume this guy's sexual orientation from the fact that he was perhaps only giving a compliment. However, I could be going way too PC on this and the guy could have been two steps away from asking me out on a date, but either way I'm choosing not to discriminate.

Otherwise today was a good day. At 6am I made the executive decision to sleep through my run with the Port Jefferson Road Runners. I had scheduled a client this morning and figured I would go back to bed until I had to get up to see them. I would then complete the run later in the day.
I think this was a good thing to do because it gave me a little extra sleep and allowed me to run during a hotter part of the day. For some reason, I've always like to train in tougher conditions than, cold, snow, humidity, rain, you name it and I love it. A "nice" day by most people's standards doesn't give me that "get up and go" feeling like a "crappy" day does. So it was a good run, about 15 miles worth, and a beautiful ice bath after. I'm really getting into recovery big time as I really think I've been neglecting it for some time.

So now it's off to do a half hour of yoga, eat some more, and hit the sack. While Kristen is away in Canada this week I'm going to try to sleep my face off. I really miss her a ton and am hoping to sleep and train away most of the time until she gets back. :-)

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