Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"You can't buy what you got."

This evening I recieved the best compliment I could ever hope to recieve not only as a personal trainer, but as a human being. A client told me, "you can't buy what you got." This was probably the most flattered I've ever been. Though I probably didn't show it outwardly, I have to admit that I was really touched by this comment. So often in life, we go throught our daily routine, often thinking along the way that what we do really doesn't have any effect on anyone. I think we get so bogged down in our daily routine that we forget that there are others around us that we effect, positively or negatively, each and every day.

In my first post, I touched on how people influence others and how regardless of the impact you have in this world, you're bound to leave some sort of imprint, good or bad. Today I realized that what I do has an impact on the people around me in ways that I might not ever have imagined. Now, let's not kid anyone, it's not like I'm making miracles happen, but thankfully I've found that I have been a positive in the lives of others. In all I believe that's why I do what I do. I want to impact people in such a way that they can feel a little bit better about themselves and their lives. It's my hope that in some way or another, whether through positive talk, workouts...whatever, the people I see can smile a little bit more after they've seen me. I hope that my role in their lives extends to more than just sets and reps. To all my clients, Thank you so much for being the wonderful people that you are! I hope that I have been able to make your day better, and hopefully give you the gift of health and wellbeing! (Sorry if that sounds like a Hallmark card, but I'm feeling a bit sentimental right now, hahaha :-) )

On to my own training:

After yesterdays rides and hill repeats, my legs were a bit shaky today, but in a good way. I'm feeling the volume, but happy with the returns I've gotten from it. Today was pretty easy. I ran a good little tempo run with a client around noon, and then hopped on the bike right after. The legs were a bit slow to come around at first on the bike, but soon my pedal strokes felt effortless. I love days like this. I think my body is becoming aware of the demands I'm putting on it and reacting accordingly. It's nice to actually have some sort of a "plan" to train with. I've never put much thought into training before-I usually just wing it. But the idea of setting up a plan for several weeks has already started to prove invaluable.

Ok, off to do some yoga, take some supplements, and call it a night!

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