Thursday, April 30, 2009

Flirting with danger..

I'm flirting with the line of overtraining in the last few days. It's been hot here, and since last weekend, where temps were in the high 80's, it's been a struggle to get used to the weather. It felt great to train in the warmth, but my body SERIOUSLY isn't accustomed to it yet. I usually do very well the hotter the temperature is, but this took me by suprise. Needless to say, I crushed it this past weekend, but am suffering the consequences in training now.

So I decided to scale it back today, and do my workout, but lower the intensity. That, and I added a 90 minute, dumb-easy spin to loosen up my legs and heighten my mood. It seemed to have worked as I feel much better now (writing this as I go to bed) and am in better spirits overall.

It's been a tough couple weeks for me emotionally, but things on that front seem to be coming together. It's amazing how even though you're not taxing your system physically, it can still be very effected by what happens in your head. Interesting...

I'm back at it tomorrow with 4k in the pool and a possible bike in the pm-depending on the weather.

Push 'till ya puke...Always.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Crazy what a difference a day can make...

It's awesome how much things can change from one day to the next. I rested today, which gave me even more time to contemplate my life as I've known if for the last week. I've come to the conslusion that there is no conclusion. Just when you think things are headed one way, they swing back and take another, entirely.

I've realized that I really love Kristen tonight, and, like most guys, a lot of the problems that we face come from me! That's right, I admitted it. That's certainly NOT saying that NOTHING is her fault, but this time a large part of the issues we faced dealt with the fact that I can't communicate worth a damn. So there you go...

Everything is fine in Happyland, and I'm off to bed. Big day of running on tap for tomorrow and I need some shut eye.

Push 'till ya puke...Always.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Water, Two Wheels, Hills, Running Shoes, and more life thoughs

Another productive day in the books. Started at 4am when I woke up to nothing other than the urge to piss like a race horse. This could be because I'm getting older (haha, yeah right at 28?), or, more likely, because I went to bed at 8:30pm the night before. With all the trouble I've been having recently in my relationship, I've been able to sleep like a baby. Ok, well not Friday night-had a migrane all night (which I'm sure was brought about from stress with Kristen, work, and training)-but every other night has been asleep early, up early. I feel like I'm 80:).

So today started with a half hour swim, and then off to the Verizon Wireless store for my new toy. With the nature of my business being the way it is, I NEED a PDA. Otherwise, I'd be completely screwed with all my client contacts, reminders, appointments, etc. I never thought I'd come to rely on technology so much, but alas, I've become a techie.

After the trip to the toy store, a.k.a. Verizon, it was off on the bike for a 3 hour ride. Nothing big, but after the effort yesterday, I was tired after only an hour in the saddle. Not to mention the fact that it was blazing hot outside today-in the 90's here!

So after the bike, I staggered home, placed my bike gingerly against the wall of my living room, and collapsed on the floor. I'm being a little over-dramatic, but I definately had a good lay down on the floor while the dog licked the sweat from my brow. After a little while, I realized I still had to get out for a hilly 30-45 min. run. So I Manned-up, took it on the chin, and headed out the door.

I got in about 35 mins before calling it quits. Tired and done, I made it home, stretched, and downed my recovery drink. Tomorrow will be a great and deserved day off.

Now I'm off to try to avoid the swine flu...Isn't this nuts??? Every time I look at the news it's getting worse. Scary, Scary, Scary. I'm definately going to the doc as soon as I get ANY symptoms!

Oh, and life thoughts... I'm scared with where I'm at right now. It's a definately turning point not only in my relationship, but possibly my life as well. There are a lot of things I have to 'get together' in my life. I've never been good at organization, and I'm worried that if I was to continue down my current path, I may regret some things. Family is becoming more and more important to me, and it's been getting a backseat lately. That scares me. Family is all you got. Without it, you're on an island, and I ain't Gilligan (maybe the professor with his studly looks though :) ).

Push 'till ya puke...always!
oh, and HTFU!!!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hills again...this time on two wheels.

Hills, hills, and hills. All on the bike today for 4 hours. GREAT ride! Had a ton of fun with a good friend and really had time to think about a lot of things. I think this is why I love endurance sports. There's something about that point at which your body is being worked to the max that makes you think as clearly as you ever have.

So anyway, during my ride today I thought a lot about life. My life in particular. Have you ever noticed that when parts of your life are going ahead full speed, something gets lost in the dust? It's like there's only so much you can take with you at any given time. There is a big part of my life that I feel I'm losing, but other's are being reborn. I'm scared though. Do I really want this loss? Do I need this loss? What is the cost of this loss? So many questions.

In many regards, I'm happy. But I wonder what can still be. Am I making the biggest mistake of my life, or am I doing what fate intends? I guess they're right-life is what happens when you're making other plans. I'm just gonna go with it and see where it takes me. John Blaze said, "Life is not a dress rehersal," and he was 100% right. We only get one shot at this, so we better get out of it what we want...we'll soon be dead and "you can't come back from that".

Push 'till ya puke...Always.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Worked it in the hills today. Tough workout. Probably the fastest run I've done in training so far. Something about hills really makes me wanna kick hard. The legs felt good. A little tired from Tuesday's Long run, but I'm very happy with my running right now. Never run so well.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tough times

Been having a tough time lately. With the car breaking down and things between Kristen and I not so good, it's been a rough week. I wonder why we go through these ebbs and flows...not just Kristen and I, but people in general. It really makes me question things that aren't in my (or any of our) control. What is the higher power? Is it God? Karma? Something/someone else? I don't know exactly what, but boy is it much bigger than I am.

Just when we think we have things all set, a punch in the face comes along to set us straight. Mike Tyson said it best (I can't believe I just said that), "Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face." Truer words have never been spoken Iron Mike.

Just got off the phone after a heated convo with Kristen...

So now life is even tougher. It's difficult enough when things are going well to focus sometimes, and now it's even harder. I know that controversy and adversity is what makes good people great, but it's sure hard as hell to go through.

I'm so scatter-brained right now I can't even think. And I gotta take the dog out for a poo:).

Push 'till ya puke...always.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ever wonder...

Ever wonder where everlasting love comes from? I mean the REAL THING...the kind of love that is unconditional in every sense of the word. I think I have trouble accepting love sometime. I wonder how someone can really care THAT much about me. It sounds silly but it happens.

Tonight I saw a demonstration of that unconditional love. So my car breaks down in not so good part of town-about 20 yards from a strip club (see where I'm goin'?). It's pouring rain, my cell phone is just about dead, and there's no one around to pick me up. So I manage to get a hold of my Dad. He's in his mid seventies, struggling with various ailments, among which could be lung cancer, and without hesitation, he asks me how to get to where I am so he can pick me up. Keep in mind, it's 12am and he's been asleep probably since 9pm. To say I'm not crying while I write this would be a total lie. I'm so blessed and fortunate to have the parents I have and this is just one shining example.

I truly don't deserve such a good father, yet he never EVER has let me down-not once. There's no possible way that I can repay him for all that he's done for me. As if I needed another example, tonight I realized just how much I'm loved. I don't think I've ever looked forward to telling my Dad how much I love him. Thanks Dad! You mean so much to me, I just hope I've made you proud in some way!

I love you Dad!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pissed Beyond Belief...

So today, after conducting a running class in which NO ONE showed up, I go to work with a client at their house, only to find that I can't get there. No, not because my car broke down. Not because I had a family emergency. I was unable to get there because the road were blocked for a run/walk in the town I live in.

Now, obviously, I'm all for these run/walks. Usually they benefit a charity of some sort, so that's a good thing-not to mention that I LOVE running, biking and swimming and have surely put other people at an inconvenience for my passion. But, being as I live in this town, there were no postings warning residents of the event and possible road closures, nor were there 'polite' people shutting down the roads. As I tried to get to my clients house (and even to my own), I was told to go this way and that, none getting me to where I needed to be. Then, in desperation, I began to argue with the Constables. All in all, the event wound up costing me time with a client-whom I feel terrible about standing up-as well as money from my pocket.

It's unfortunate that things like this happen, not only because it causes people trouble, but because they more importantly get turned off to the idea of holding events like this in their village. They would be much better off planning for the road closures and awaring residents of these closures well ahead of time.

To say I'm mad is an understatement. I'm not one to complain, but this is just plain ridiculous.

Friday, April 17, 2009

It's official

Today it's official. I've signed up for both my "A" races and I couldn't be happier. The butterflies are doing loops in my stomach right now and I'm super psyched to continue killing it in training and working toward some good race performances.

Taking triathlon seriously this year has really changed me as a person. I've always been a focused athlete, but something about this sport really makes your life different. Triathlon, moreso than any other sport I've ever played, is a lifestyle sport. Everything in your life has an influence on performance. If you go out for a night and drink too much, you suffer. If you eat the wrong things, you suffer. If you don't sleep, you suffer. Everything down to the way I cut my toenails has changed because of this sport-and only for the better!

My organizational skills, while still far from perfect, have become more concise. I'm able to get more things done in a day than I ever thought possible...and train well on top of that! Of course I could get more sleep, and at times eat better (or less for that matter:)), but overall my life has been improved beyond belief.

I think a big part of this has also resulted from meeting Kristen. She's really a great catch. Things can be difficult at times (and what relationship isn't!), but at the end of the day, she doesn't take any of my shit. And that's a good thing! I know there's no bullshitting her. She tells it like it is and that's something I've been missing in my life for a long time. I love you babe!

So the races this year will go well. I'm planning on being healthy, happy, and fast! Hard work yeilds results and I've been lucky to learn that this year. I plan on keeping with that philosophy.

(and push 'till ya puke)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

New bike, hard training, and a dog

Just a quickie as I'm about to head out the door to Kristen's for Easter dinner...

So I took the new CARBON tri bike out for a spin and loved every second! Even with everything that I said about how good my bike was in my last post, nothing truly compares to carbon! I'm a convert! It's amazing how fresh my legs were for my run afterwards! It could all be psychological, but even so, if that's enough to make me run faster, that's all I need.

So the dog...

On the Trek's maiden voyage with yours truly as pilot, I got chased by some HUUUUGE freakin' dog... No I know what your thinking, just ride faster right? Nope, I just so happened to be on one of the steepest climbs around. So I'm trying to stay calm, accelerate and ride away, just when he catches me. I thought it was over-and honestly, my first instinct was to protect the bike:). So just as he's about to sink his frothy, slober-filled mouth into my leg, I get a huge sloppy tongue instead! Talk about relief... I was so happy I even stopped to pet the pooch for a bit before going ahead. Not all dogs are all that bad-they just scare the crap out of you from time to time.

Anyway, Happy Easter and Push 'till you Puke, always!