Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chowda, Orange Juice, New Kids on the Block, and The Stony Brook School

So I'm sick today. Just a headcold, but I'm really a wimp when I get sick. I guess it's because I really NEVER get sick. Honestly, I can't remember the last time...honestly. But, alas, here's this freakin' headcold, killing me slowly.

So the day started out well. Worked my butt off (all the while thinking how much I love my job and the people I work with), had some breakfast, worked some more, and then some more. Got a nap in the middle of the day, for a whole 20 minutes, but nonetheless a nap, trained another client, and draged my sorry ass onto my bike for a ride with a buddy.

We did about 45 miles on the bike I think. I've done away with my bike computor as I find I only wind up racing myself in training when I should be coolin' it. Either way, today was just an easy ride, pushing it a little on the hills, but nothing more. I actually felt pretty good when I got back home, so I did some yoga before hoppin' in the shower.

Then came the congestion, headache, and sore throat. All back at the same time like I had a freakin' party goin' on in my head and they were all there for the hot girls. Only problem, no hot girls and I felt like crap. So after the shower it was back to the kitchen where I inhaled some chowda and orange juice. Don't ask, it was just what I was craving. Maybe I'm pregnant? Next thing you know I'll be all over the ice cream and pickles.

So anyway, I'm feeling like poop and I'm sure my writing is showing it (I told you I was a crybaby when it comes to being sick). So before I kill you with any more bad analogies, I'm gonna hit the bed early.

Oh, but two more things before I go! I almost forgot. My beautiful girlfriend is spending this wonderful evening with 5 guys who are more famous and richer than I am. No, she's not the newest bachelorette, she's at a New Kids On the Block concert. That's right NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!!!!!!!! First of all, I'm shocked that they're all still alive! And second, shouldn't they work on a new name? New Kids???? I think Old Men Around the Corner is more appropriate. I hope the show doesn't go to late, I wouldn't want them to miss their "stories" on the television tonight. Ok, no more hating. But seriously, NKOTB??? And the worst part is, Kristen loves Danny! Danny!? What the hell? He looks like a monkey! I mean, really?

Ok, so the second thing I wanted to get to is a bit more serious. Here on Long Island, I had the privilage of going to a pretty exclusive private college prep school. There were certain things I hated about it, espcially when I was a teenaged fat kid getting made fun of, and many more things I came to appreciate about it after I grew up a bit. I honestly can say that my entire education was based on that place. I really didn't learn a damn thing in college (except some things that I'm not going to mention here!)

So, with great regret last night, I learned that one of the recent graduates from the class of '08 had a 'hit list' of kids and faculty. Apparently, he intended on killing certain members of the school's community. This is all very shocking because of the way I remember the place. When I graduated, I was one in a class of 65 and an entire student body of about 315. It was a small, and tight knit community.

As this event has settled in my head, it has brought two things to my attention. First, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN ANYWHERE. Unfortunately, our world has come to this. No place is immune. Technology has made this world smaller than ever, and these are some of the unfortunate side effects. Second, I beg the question, and pardon my French, 'What the fuck is going on!?' When did bullying become such an epidemic? And when the hell did killing someone become the ultimate remedy? Sure, we've all been made fun of. We've all, at one point or another been kicked around. But does it mean we have to kill our tormentors? As I've said before, anything I've learned worth learning has been aquired from adversity. Sometimes you have to get beat around before you become the person you'll be. And almost everytime, you're better for having gone through the trials and tribulations.

Ok, 'nuff said. Push 'till ya puke...Always.

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