Friday, September 26, 2008

Keeping up...

So I'm posting today-or tonight rather-just to keep up with my writing. I actually don't have much to talk about right now, other than the fact that today has been super long! I woke up for work nearly 24 hours ago, and have not stopped moving since. There were clients all morning, shopping in the afternoon, and then happy hour with friends and cooking my chili with Kristen at night.

Training-wise, not much was accomplished today. I'm still getting over being a bit sick, so I guess the four mile run with a client and hill repeats will do for today. I did feel awesome in training today, which seems to be the theme of the limited training I've done this week. My legs feel super fresh and my mind is in a good place.

Dinner was good and the chili didn't come out half bad. It was the first effort of the season, so I think I'll only get better as the weather gets colder! There's nothing better than a nice bowl of warm chili as the days get shorter and cooler! Live for the chili!

So that's about it for today...nothing too special to note. Just the same ole' stuff going on. This weekend should be nice, with some good rest and hopefully some decent training sessions mixed in. Like I've learned in about all aspects of my life, success is about consistency. If you don't show up everyday, someone else will, and they will beat you! I like that. Not someone else beating me, but showing up everyday. It really makes you accountable for your own success. Ok, off to bed!

Push 'till ya puke...Always

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