Thursday, September 25, 2008


So what I thought was going to be a little head cold has now floored me for the better part of this afternoon. As mentioned yesterday, I dragged myself on a bike ride-which at the time felt great, one of the best this season-that I believe set me back a bit. Now, I usually never get sick, so attacting this little 'head cold' and knowing if it's ok to train are foreign to me. I've heard that when the symptoms are above the head, it's ok to train. No freakin' way! I think that simple bike really put me behind the eight ball for today.

Fortunately, I really didn't miss much training. I had an easy run planned for today, and I could probably use the rest as I've had a tough week at work and haven't slept well in days. It's not a major lost day and it was nice to spend my afternoon loungin around the house with Lucki Dog, my Jack Russell.

I'm still a bit hot about the whole ordeal at my high school. It just really hits home and bothers the hell out of me. When did this become commonplace? It seems like ever since the tragedy at Columbine, kids have felt that violence was an acceptable outlet. Who's to blame for this? I think the answer to that is so vast its unapproachable. There's the media, the television, the newspapers, the internet, the kids (yes, the kids), the parents, and so on and so fourth. Further, I believe that people make excuses for kids-whether they're right or wrong. No one puts their foot down and either assigns blame or takes blame. I'm guilty of it and probably so are you. We're all so politically correct we've forgotten what it is to have an opinion! Opinions are the old assholes-political correctness has found it's way to the top.

Sorry for the rant, but,, I'm not sorry. Ha! There's a prime example of political correctness creeping its way into the world. I'm not sorry for writing my opinion. Remember, if anyone says you're wrong for your ideas, THEY'RE WRONG!

Ok, off the soapbox. So anyway, today was a wash on the training front, and just about all others for that matter. I had fun at work, as always, but it definately was work to get through my day. It is great, however, to work off of the energy of my clients. They pick me up, I pick them up, and sometimes we pick each other up. It's just a great business for that. I really can't see myself doing anything else right now. I only want to take it to the highest level it can be. I've heard it said that if you find yourself being the best at any particular thing, you'll be a rich man. That is certainly true, but the level of wealth varies. For some it will result directly in money, for some fulfillment, and for some others a balance of both. I definately find myself in the third category. I'm happy, I'm fulfilled, and I'm paying my bills. And, importantly, I can take my girl out for dinner and away for a weekend from time to time! Not bad for right now.

Ok, time to hunker down here on the east coast as we prepare to get smacked accross the face with a Nor'easter tonight. I love this weather!

Push 'till ya puke....Always

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