Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cow Harbor 10k Race Report

"Life is what happens when you're making other plans."

This was the definiton of my race today. When I signed up for this race some moths ago, I had every intention of finishing in my goal time of 34:30 (or for that matter any time under 35 mins). Training was ok, save for some mishaps with my work schedual and overall laziness, but a week prior I had run a fairly painful 36:50 on the race course in a training run. Needless to say, I was confident. Then came today.

The first mile and a half felt great. I went out hard, but knew I had some left in the tank. Coming up to the first major climb of the day (and by major I mean what you guys in Colorado would call a small hill) my legs were movin' great. Then it happened. My back freakin' seized up and all I felt from then until the end of the race was tight lumbars and limited hip movement. What a bummer!

I went on to finish is 38 and change (the official results still are not posted), which I still feel is somewhat respectable. I have to keep in mind that Ryan Hall wrecked this course in 2006 with a course record of 28:40 or something like that (sorry for the lackluster records, I'm in a rush as I still haven't gotten in the shower yet!). All in all it was a good day and I learned that ANYTHING can happen in ANY race, so you better damned well be prepared to suffer if you have to!

Congrats to Kristen, my beautiful girlfriend for competing, her Dad, Mr. Hordy, and all my clients for running hard! Good work to everyone! Also, good job to my buddy Doug Moyer for finishing in 34 and change-I'll be up there with you next year!

Ok, time to take that shower and wash off the sweet oniony Mexican foody smell I got goin' on! Thank God my girlfriend loves me cuz I smell like...well, onions and Mexican food!

Push 'till ya puke! Always...

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