Monday, October 20, 2008

Ok, now I'm pissed

So this morning, I heard through the grape vine that someone said it 'served me right to get hit by a car last week because of where I was riding my bike.' What the hell!? I mean really, what the hell is wrong with people??? Are they really that dumb that they don't realize it doesn't serve ANYONE right to get hit by a car while cycling? I don't care if you're riding on a freakin' highway on the wrong side of the road, getting struck by a car while riding or running is the worst expierience any of us could have. I ask you, douchebag that said that, to hop on a bike (I have an extra because I'm sure you don't own one) and let me drive my car at you. I promise, I won't go anywhere over 20 miles an hour. Let's see if you don't sh*t your pants by the time I get 5 feet from you.

People like this idiot really piss me off. How dare you say something like that. So you're telling me that all the cyclists in all the major cities of the world should cease cycling and be a fat, out of shape, jackass like you? We should all put our bikes and health away, so that you can continue to pollute the environment and hog up the road with your big, unecessarry SUV? Oh, and since you have that big ass 'truck', have you been off roading anytime lately? Have you hauled anything in the recent past? My guess is that if you ever did bring that gas guzzling beast off of the nicely paved roads you usually drive, you'd be horrified at the very thought of any mud or dirt getting on your precious 'truck'. My advice to you would be to stop being such a winey little bitch, get off your fat ass, and get some exercise. Oh, and by the way, I could tell you where to go, but I'm sure you're already headed there.

I'm sorry for the rough tone of this post, but I'm more pissed now, at this moron than I was when I was hit and thought my bike was totalled. Seriously, to say something like that really takes a stupid person. I have no respect for anyone that feels that way. Just think a little before you say that so hard?

Push 'till ya puke...Always.

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