Friday, October 24, 2008

October's almost over!

It's amazing but October is almost over! It seems like Summer had just started and now we're stuck deep into fall. All the leaves here in New York have changed, the air has a disctinct chill, and the days continue to get shorter and shorter. With these changes come several other important changes to our lives. We get sleepy quickly-at least I do! We eat more-I'm sure everyone does! And our motivation to exercise slowly flickers out. It's not that we don't want to work out, we just have a difficult time finding the desire as the cold weather tells us to stay inside, bundle up, and enjoy more food!

I'm completely into the theory that our ancient ancestors are at fault for this winter weight gain. They must have put on several pounds as the winter approached, obviously providing them with the extra 'insulation' to endure the lower temps in the cave. What the hell dude?! I mean really? Why ya gotta go eatin' so much! Don't you know I have to keep off my weight for my next tri season! What's with this survival stuff? Didn't cavemen wanna have ripped abs too? Maybe if they would have shaved all their body hair off too they would have been able to not only swim and run faster, but perhaps even set a PR in getting away from those damned Sabertoothed Tigers!

All kidding aside, I'm not looking forward to putting on weight this winter. I usually fluctuate between 180lbs in the summer, to somewhere around 200-205lbs. in the winter. Every year I tell myself it won't happen, but sure as a swiss watch, my belly grows, my abs go, and my fat ass has to work even harder to get in shape come the new year. Well here and now I'm making a commitment to staying as lean and thin as possible in the offseason. If that means training a little extra to keep the pounds off, then so be it. However, I'm not giving up my beer and dessert! No way buddy, no freakin' way! I'll gain 5-10lbs., but no more! I promise!

Ok, so I'm at work now and I should probably devote my time to something better than blogging, so I'll sign off for now. Remember:

Push 'till ya puke...Always!

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