Tuesday, October 21, 2008


My motivation is really at a low right now. I've been resting quite a bit since my last race, and it really makes me feel lazy. My training before American Zofingen was great. Everyday was train, work, train, work, train, see Kristen. I felt very efficient in everything I did and motivation was at a super high. Now, however, I feel like a fat, lazy sloth. I've been riding the bike-about an hour or so a day (with a hundred miler a few days ago), but I still feel useless. My weight is definately up, and I feel like crap.

I know my body needs it, but I feel like a fat piece of lazy crap whenever I take prolonged periods of rest. My entire attitude is effected when I don't get that sweet, daily dose of endorphins running through my veins. I truly LOVE to exercise and push my limits everyday. It's the best drug there is. I can definately understand the need for athletes like Brett Farve and Lance Armstrong to continue competing at an elite level into their late 30's.

There's nothing like being in top physical condition. It makes EVERYTHING easier! Work, dishes, cleaning-anything is easier when your resting heart rate is nice and low and your muscles and central nervous system are at their peak.

I find that during periods such as these, I'm a freakin' coffee junkie! I've been drinking enough coffee and energy drinks to kill a mule and I only feel more and more tired. It's truly a viscious cycle. I get up, I go down. I get up, I go down. I freakin' hate it! I just wanna get out there and push it! I wanna run hard through my favorite trails. I wanna climb some tough hills on my bike for hours. I even wanna swim! Who says that? I can't believe it but I even wanna SWIM!!!!

Ok, enough complaining. I'm gonna take a nap because I'm fat a lazy. Then I'll do some work, go meet with some more clients, eat fatty food, and watch Biggest Loser with Kristen, knowing that I'm only gonna be a few pounds away from being a star on that show!

Push 'till ya puke...Always. (even when your a lard ass like me right now!)

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