Sunday, October 26, 2008

I don't know....

I'm sitting here Sunday morning, hungover like a mofo, thinking about an argument that Kristen and I had last night-just about ALL night. Unfortunately, things come up, diferences in opinion happen, and people fight. That's a fact of life. Now, we're not a fighting couple. We have healthy disaggreements, but we're not one of those fight-all-night in public couples we've all seen.

Long story short, the fight centered around public vs. private educations. Obviously, being that we both come from different educational backgrounds (her's being public and mine being private), we both have differnt things to bring to the table. From our argument and it's fiercity, I'd say that we are both more than passionate about our beliefs and educational values. The problem arouse, however, when we were not able to see eye to eye on one simple subject. While we agreed almost exclusively on every front, one tiny aspect of the argument left us in argumentary purgatory for the remainder of the otherwise fun night.

So my question is this: When two people, both from different backgrounds, be they educational, cultural, economical or otherwise, fail to interperet each other's arguments for what they are, can they ever come to a cohesive middle ground? I may not be explaining all of the argument we had (mostly for the sake of keeping things totally objective here-I don't want to say that either of us were right or wrong), but I wonder about the bigger issue of people being able to see another's point of view. I'm not sure that people truly open their heads and wrap their minds around issues. My thoughts on this issue, perhaps, are influenced by the coming election. The argument has just made me think.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty upset about the argument we had-not because we disagree, but because we failed to act like the educated people we are. Instead, we allowed emotion to dictate too much of what came out of our mouths. I truly believe that we could come to a middle ground on this, but what we did was create a gap. I'm sure we'll fill it (now that we're both a bit more sober), but why did it take such a long and dramatic argument to do this?

So anyway, I needed to get this out. The beauty of this space is that it provides me an avenue in which to speak my mind and really not care what anyone else thinks. I enjoy comments, and love to hear other's points in counterpoints in response to my rambling. Thanks for contributing to my self-therapy! :)

Push 'till ya puke...Always.

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