Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

Now I know what my clients are talking about when they see me on Monday and tell me about their 'Wonderful Weekend'. Things couldn't have gone better this Valentine's day!

So it started Friday night, with dinner made by yours truly and a movie. Great dinner-Chicken Stirfry with yams and no rice-and great movie-"He's just not that into you". I know it's a chick-flick, but man, there's some real stuff in there! I learned things about myself that I didn't even know I knew before I knew I knew them....I've just gone crosseyed.

On to the good stuff...
Saturday morning we set off to Eastern Long Island, Montauk to be exact. I had booked us a room and dinner for Saturday night at a really nice spa/resort. Being that it's winter here, and most things on the eastern end are closed or dirt cheap, I was able to set us up nice in a place I'd have to spend much more for if it were summer. So anyway, we got in, had a wonderfully romantic dinner, and managed to get in some good trouble, which I WON'T elaborate on...gotta keep the juicy stuff to ourselves! :-)

And....one of the best parts of the weekend, other than the fact that I spent it with a wonderful girl I'm madly in love with, was that I actually got to train a little on Sunday! Kristen went off to get a pedicure and I headed down to the sweet little saltwater pool they had. This was only the second time I've swam in one, but honestly, all pools should be salt water. Not only did I not have that nasty chlorine stink when I got out, but I felt so much more relaxed than normal. Granted, I only got in about 2k yards before she was done, but man was it great!

So that's about it, great weekend and awesome time away to spend with someone I've found such true love with!

Today it was back to the grind of training as my run focus got underway. I have to say, swimming so much and getting so much better at it has really not made me miss running all that much. Only an hour run today, but it felt much longer than that. I guess it's gonna take a couple weeks to get my body back into the swing of things, but I'm missing the pool already! Also, my foot has been giving me some issues, so I'm going to experiment with some more substantial footwear tomorrow. I've been going 'barefoot' on the trails and treadmills with my Vibrams all winter, so I guess it was bound to catch up to me at some point or another.

Alright, bed time.

Push 'till ya puke...Always.

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