Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Silly Injury F's up my training...Sort of.

So as I've posted a couple of days ago, I've gotten back into playing my first love, ice hockey. It's been a blast to get back out there (although I'm no where near as good as I used to be-just gotta knock off the rust I guess), and I'm enjoying the little bit of extra cross training. I don't know if it's been explored, but ice skating must be one of the best alternatives to running there is. My hips and glutes have never been stronger than when I was skating everyday. Not to mention all the upper leg development that happens with skating. All that and no impact! Good stuff.

Anyway, I've been playing quite a bit and the other day I pulled the hell out of my left much for it being the "perfect" cross-training activity for runners:). The injury happened actually from my first step out on the ice Tuesday. I felt a pull, but decided to gut it out for the next two hours and probably wound up doing more harm than good. It hurt so bad, infact, that for the rest of the day and into today I've done nothing but limp around. Running and biking at this point are not even close to an option.

Not all is lost, though. Luckily, I'm still able to swim, just without to strong of a kick. So....being that this is coming into the last couple weeks of my winter swim focus, I guess if I had to have an injury, this would be the one to get. I'm sure it will heal rather quickly, and I can get a couple of real focused extra swim days out of it. I'm not saying I'm happy to be injured, as I've taken about all the pity I can get at the gym, but on the bright side, all is not lost.

On another note, I've been very stressed lately about money. I've never been one to be obsessive over anything but excercise, but there are times lately where I've stared at the ceiling in bed and lost sleep over dollars. Now it's not like I or my business is struggling-I've actually never done better-it's just that I'm waiting for the bottom to fall out. I guess when I was a poor college kid and barely had 20 bucks to my name, money didn't stress me because there was nothing there to stress over. That or I was just too drunk all the time to notice...:).

I guess it's just all part of growing up. Which reminds me...I turn 28 tomorrow!!! Wow how time flies! I really feel like the time between 18 and now has been merely the blink of an eye! Unbelieveable. I'm told the next twenty years will go equally as fast. On that note, why do the years go by so fast, but when you're on a treadmill or trainer, it seems like 1 hour is an eternity? Why can't weekeneds be like treadmill and trainer time? That would be awesome! Happy hour would feel like all day! Love it!

So that's about it for now. I've had an early finish to my day today so I'm gonna go sit by the fire (or Yankee Candle-but who's counting) and read a book with Lucki Doggy.

Push 'till ya puke...Always.

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