Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Skins Wear Testing

I've been given the opportunity to be a wear-tester. They sent me some cool shwag and all I have to do is keep a video diary which I believe they will put on their blog. In an effort to give my loyal readers (all 3 of you!!!) a sneak peak, I've uploaded a couple vids from my first ride with the tights! Here you go!


Bali said...

I wonder how effective your advertisement is for the tights when you start a ride in them and after one frickin' hour ... you are still in the Three Village area! Now ... if you had stopped on the other side of the Sound after one hour and waved over from CT ... I would be over all over the tights.

Dave said...

Hahaha, I had already gone over to Bridgeport and back 4 times. Oh, and I forgot to mention in the video that the tights allow me to spin on water!

Seriously though, I just did a quick out and back to Rocky Point. They feel amazing! I don't know if I'd spend the $2xx.xx on them, but my honest acessment so far is that they're great!

Too bad we couldn't get together for a ride today. If the weather holds out do you want to ride long this weekend?