Thursday, July 2, 2009

What would Matty Reed do? Part II

I've been really into training like a pro lately. Not that I'm into putting in insane volume or anything like that, but just generally following the attitude I imagine most pros have. I've gotten very serious about this triathlon thing this year, and I've found it important to think of it in a professional way.

So today was another time I had to ask myself, "What would Matty Reed (or any other pro) do?"

I've been dealing with a bit of sciatic nerve pain this week. Tuesday morning I got a sharp 'ping' at the top of my right ass cheek that hasn't gone away. It hasn't really hindered my training, but I know it's there. Long story short, after running, biking and swimming like I normally would all week, this morning I woke up to a little more pain. It wasn't much more than the day before, but enough for me to notice. A red flag immediately went up. I figured I'd see how it went, and decide on whether or not to do my 2hr 15 min run later in the day.

Work was busy today, and all I could think of when it came time to train was my bed. I decided to head home, take a nice little midday nap, and then go for the run. Well.....I never made it. I was too tired and the sciatic still hurt. Damage control time.

So this is where thinking like a pro comes in. Do I push through and train for the day injuring myself more, or do I lay off for a day, take care of myself, and feel great tomorrow? I went with option number two.

I think anyone (not a triathlete) looking at this situation form the outside would see this as a complete no brainer. However, for us 'type-A tri-types', the answer isn't so simple. We just wanna push and push and push. Resting to most of us is close to blasphemy. We don't think enough of rest as being an ally. Fortunately, today, I was able to think like a pro and take care of myself instead of making a little thing turn into a big thing. After taking a nice 2 hour nap, eating well, and resting my ass cheek, I already feel better. My head is clear and I'm sure that with a good night's sleep tonight, my body will follow suit.

Push 'till ya puke...Always.

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